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Photo Gallery
for June - 2001

TT063001a.jpg (27359 bytes) Four year old Patrick Ruleman and dad Carl of Owings with croakers over 19", caught June 30.
TT063001b.jpg (27180 bytes) Ten year old Carrie Witherow of Chesapeake Beach with a beautiful 24" seatrout, caught June 30.
TT062401.jpg (28026 bytes) A big striper for this time of year (June 24)!
TT060201b.jpg (31392 bytes) Francis Cray (left) with son Shane and Captain Ralph Barnes with one of their huge black drum, caught June 2, 2001.
TT060201a.jpg (29139 bytes) Alan, Mark, and Stacey Witherow of Chesapeake Beach with three huge black drum, two of which were 65 pounds.
Dixon060201a.jpg (29296 bytes) Here's a happy crew with a limit of black drum to 67 pounds, caught on the charterboat Worm on June 2.  For further information, check out the Worm's website www.wormcharters.com
TT062401.jpg (28026 bytes) Saul Matheny of Gaithersburg with a 24.5 lb. 39" long trophy rockfish.  Fish this size are very uncommon around here during mid-summer.


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