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Photo Gallery for Nov. 2001

Captain Bob Frye of the Fins, with Leroy Wilkerson (32.5 lb., 43"), Dale Frye (mate), Dean Frye (25 lb., 40"), Scott Krug (20 lb., 39"), Jeff Turco (32 lb., 43") and their catch on November 30, last day of Maryland's rockfish season.
Joseph and Robert Sniezek and Ryan and Lonnie Johnson with their rockfish to 34 inches.
Nichole and Lance Julian (Cleveland, OH) and Andrew Julian (Chesapeake Beach) with rockfish over 40 inches, caught November 24.
Ryan Wilinski (4 yrs. old) of Capitol Heights with dad Eric and a 25 lb. 44 inch striper.
Brandon Smith (7 yrs. old, left) of Westminster (MD) with a 7 lb. 26 inch striper and Greg Leugers (13 yrs. old) of Harpers Ferry (WV) with a 10 lb. 28 inch striper. 
Stuart Martin of Manassas VA with a 30 lb. 41 inch rockfish, caught aboard the charter boat Mary Lou with Captain Russ Mogul.
Brian Smith of Churchton with a 28 lb. 41 inch rockfish, caught aboard the Lady Virginia on November 17.
Robert Frye (Sykesville, MD), Marion Carpenter (Marriotsville, MD), Roger Creech (Sykesville), and Dean Frye (Taylorsville, MD) on November 16.
Captain Pat Gibson and Joe Acton, both from Deale, and John Betz from North Beach with their catch of stripers to 41 inches.
Mike Evans (left) and Vernon Edwards with a 41 inch 23 lb. trophy rockfish, caught November 11 while fishing on the charter boat "Worm".
The new owner of a beautiful model work boat.


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