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David Dumais of Chesapeake Beach with a 37 1/2" 22 lb. striper caught November 25 on a bucktail.
Joe Olenik of Dunkirk with a 40" 26 1/2 lb. striper caught November 25 on a white umbrella rig.
Tuna Jim Pike with a 40 1/2" 26 1/2 lb. striper caught November 24 on a white umbrella with a white ruby lip bucktail near Buoy 84 in 90 ft. of water.
Andrew Julian, Lance Julian, and Kevin Parker with stripers of 36 1/2 lb., 18 1/2 lb., and 16 1/2 lb.
David Isenberg and Captain Mike Johns with a 47" 37 1/2 lb. trophy-sized rockfish they caught on November 21.
Paul Golway with a 39" 24 lb. striper caught ona  white bucktail/shad combination on November 21.
Louie Johnson with a 36" 20 lb. and a 37" 16 lb. rockfish.
Joey Peifer and dad Tom with 2 rainbow trout he caught in Hutchins Pond.
Ron Schrauder of Annapolis with a 42" 27 lb. striper caught on light tackle with a jighead/bass assassin.
Tuna Jim Pike with a 41" 25 lb. striper he caught on a Big Eye Ruby Lip chartreuse parachute in the channel off Bloody Point.
Tommy Grenier and Joe Copeland, both of Waldorf, with a 40 1/2 " 26 lb. and a 31 1/2 " 13 lb. rockfish caught November 21 off the Radar Towers on bucktails and parachutes.
Captain Tuna Jim Pike with a 36" 21 lb. rockfish caught November 20, 2002.
Joe Redzensky with a 37" 21 lb. striper he caught November 20 while fishing with Tuna Jim on the "Moonshine".
Captain Tuna Jim Pike with a 41" 27 lb. trophy striper he caught near Bloody Point in 76 ft. of water on a Crippled Alewive behind 24 oz. of weight.
Keith and Chris Swann with a beautiful pair of big rockfish, one was 48" long and 40 lb., the other 41" and 26 lb., caught November 18 on chartreuse parachutes.
Craig Thomas with a 40" 21 lb. striper he caught off the Silver Ball in 33 ft. of water on a fluorescent red hose on November 15.
Captain Lonnie Johnson and wife Shoney with a 40" 24 lb. rockfish caught on a 3 oz. white bucktail off the Radar Towers in 28 ft. of water on November 15 -- Shoney caught the fish...
Captain Tuna Jim Pike with a 39" 25 lb. striper caught on the "Moonshine" on November 14 near 84-A on a ruby-lip white parachute behind an umbrella rig.
Captain Rich Schott and angler Chris Welsh caught this 42" 25 lb. rockfish on a 19 Tony off the Radar Towers in 80 ft. of water on November 14.
Joe Redzensky of Edgewater (MD), fishing with Captain Tuna Jim Pike aboard the "Moonshine" caught this fine rockfish on an umbrella rig with a white ruby lip bucktail off Breezy Point on November 13.

Charles Austin of Tracy's Landing caught this 23 lb. 40 inch rockfish near Buoy 83 during early November, 2002.
Here's a 22 inch cobia that was caught July 27 on the Gooses by this lucky angler, who was fishing with Captain Mike Shaffner aboard the charterboat Proud Mary.  
Jesse Sese with an 8.9 lb. seatrout.  The beast was 29 1/2 inches long with a 15 inch girth.  Jesse was fishing on the charterboat Proud Mary with Captain Mike Shaffner.
Speaking of Captain Mike, here is his crew from June 6 with the winning rockfish, a 29 lb. trophy, in this year's DC Firefighters' Emerald Society Tournament.  The crew was from the NIH Fire Department and the winning fish was caught aboard the Proud Mary.  The $2400 prize was donated back to the Society for the Children's Hospital Burn Unit.  
Dwight Rogers, 7 years old, with his first ever rockfish -- 18 1/2 inches long.
Here's an 84 pound monster black drum, caught June 1 on the charterboat Worm.
Daniel Trang of Fairfax VA checked in the first black drum of the season.  The fish, which was 58 1/2 lb. and 51 1/2 in. long, was caught in the Choptank River.  What a whopper!
Warren Zinck caught this 32 lb. 42 in. whopper on May 16 while trolling a fluorescent red hose along Calvert Cliffs.  That's Captain Skip in the cockpit. 
Phil Kane of Beltsville, MD won a complete trolling rod, reel, line and lure in Tyler's "door prize drawing" during the recent Rod'n'Reel Pro-Am Tournament.  Remember next year to stop in and get involved.
Tyler Wotson, 10 years old of Monrovia, MD with a 17 lb. stiper.
This just might be the largest rockfish we'll see caught in Maryland waters for the whole season, a 47 inch 48 lb. whopper, caught by Captain Tommy Abner on May 2.  The monster had a 35 inch girth.
Carl Runions of Morefield, WV and Blaine Burrien of Thurmont, MD shown with a 42 inch 26.5 lb. trophy.

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