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Here's Tim Wolf of Belair MD witha  43" rockfish he caught while fishing aboard the charterboat Dram Buoy with Captain Phil Talbott.
Tommy Brown and son with an 18 lb. rockfish they caught November 16.

Glenn Gena, captain of the "Instigator" and Habib Tahan with two 46" monster rockfish!

Lee Snell, 12 years old from Bowie, with a 36" trophy rockfish he caught on May 20, 2003.

Travis Haney of Germantown MD. with a 34" rockfish he caught aboard the "Pop's Pride II" on May 20. 

Derrick Boatrud, Ted Boatrud and Ted Jr. with a 36" striper caught aboard the Dream Chaser on May 15.

Crystal Ellin of Owings MD. with a 37" rockfish. 

Joe Hughes of Gold Vein VA and Vic Frome of Centreville VA showing their stripers to 43" they caught May 8, 2003.

"Big" Tony D'Agostino and son shown with a rod and reel combination they won just for registering at Tyler's during the Rod-n-Reel Tournament weekend.

Trigg Flannagan and George Simms with a fine pair of stripers to 44" they caught on May 5.

Jerry Byrd, Jimmy Byrd and Pete Ritzel with Pete's 37.5" catch from May 4.

Bruce Fularz and Captain Jim Parrott with a 42" 28 lb. rockfish from May 4.

Mike Hubbard with a 48" 39.5 lb. whopper striper he caught on May 4.

Jeff Beavers, Anthony Hankins, Walley Thacker and Captain Jim Larson of Warrenton VA with stripers to 44".

Sarah and Don Jones of Red Lion PA and Bill and Walt Lenhart with rockfish to 44 1/2" they caught on the Tamshell with Captain Fred Abner on May 3.

Chris Wallace and Robert Holmes of Fairfax VA with 41 1/2" and 38" stripers they caught May 3, 2003.

James Byrd and Greg Heading with their rockfish to 40", caught on umbrellas and a red hose.

Susan Kelley of Chesapeake Beach with a 36" rockfish.

Tom Sullivan and David of Frederick with 37" and 45" stripers they caught on daisy chains and umbrellas.

Richard Kizer of Sterling VA. with a 50" 42 lb. trophy rockfish he caught aboard the Lucky Duck. 

Rod Thomas with a 36 inch striper he caught April 27 on a white bucktail.

Tony Brown and Tony Brown Jr. of Damascus MD. with a 38 inch striper.

Mark, Connie and Stacey Witherow and John Tomlinson with their limits of stripers to 36 inches they caught on April 26, 2003.

Ashley Diehl and dad Gregory with a 27 lb. 39.5 inch big striper they caught on the Lucky Lady II.  The fish took a bucktail behind an umbrella.

Dave Stein, Sherry McDonald, Mike Hoffman, Christine Jones, and Cathy Dunn with a load of trophy rockfish to 39 inches.

Bruce Ewell of Chesapeake Beach with a 40 inch striper he caught off Breezy Point on a bucktail.

Sean Kennealy, Gary Matthews, and Mike Feirullo with a fine limit of trophy stripers to 41 inches, caught on umbrellas and parachutes.

Tyler Watson, 11 years old, and dad with a 41 inch monster rockfish.

Jim McDonald of Monroeville PA. with a 42 inch trophy striper he caught on the charterboat Mary Lou.

Robert Evans and daughter Verna with a 33 inch rockfish she caught off the North Beach pier on squid.

Paul O'Conner, James Wahl, and Brian Grace with their first catch on a new Parker fishing machine.  The rockfish weighed 18 lb. and was caught on a daisy chain.

Becky and Bruce Olszewski and Jerry Roemen with their limits of stripers to 10 lb.

Donnie Barb and James Lawson with a nice limit of stripers they caught near Buoy 78a on parachutes.

John Stubbs and John Ager with 16 and 15 lb. stripers, caught on Banjo Eyes.

T.J. Byrd, Jimmy Byrd, and Joey Byrd with a 25 lb. rockfish, the first one checked in to Tyler's on opening day 2003.

Photo Gallery 2002


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