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Tony Vespico was fishing on the charterboat Worm on June 4 when his turn at the rod produced this 39 inch 30 lb. whopper.  Quite a fish for this time of year around here.  The big fish took a small red Drone spoon behind 6 oz. of weight.

Trey Reese, 9 years old, tries to hold up the tail end of a 60.5 lb. black drum he caught on the charterboat Worm with Captain Drew Payne on May 23 at the Stone Rock.  That's big brother Aaron Reese on the heavy end.

Captain Brian Sutton (right) and first mate Jeff Oakley of the charterboat "Debra Christine" caught this 39 pound striper during the Rod 'n' Reel Pro-Am Tournament this past weekend on a Tyler's 8 oz. black-headed chartreuse ruby lip parachute.  

Our biggest rockfish checked in this week was a 53 lb. 48" long major trophy of a rockfish with a 32" girth.  The fish of a lifetime was caught by Mike Wirth of Arnold (MD) while fishing on the Charterboat Miss Brazil, skippered by Captain Dave Lehan.  The big fish hit a white parachute behind an umbrella rig.  

Our second biggest rockfish (at the time) checked in was a 35 1/2 lb. 41" long trophy caught by Bob Watson of Glen Burnie on a white shad/spinner combination in 35 ft. of water. 

Tony and Tony Brown Jr. with a 32.5 lb. 42.5" trophy rockfish they caught on a yellow parachute.

Bob Beringer with a 30 lb. 44.5" striper he caught on a chartreuse umbrella rig on May 15.

John Hoffman (left) and Bob Beringer with a 26 lb. 40.5" striper caught May 14.

Charles Saunders of St. Mary's County with a 36.5 lb. 46" trophy rockfish caught aboard the charterboat Kingfish with Captain Jimmy King.

Jim Parrotte with a 34 lb. 46" long monster striper that took a white ruby lip parachute.


Ricardo Ledbetter Jr. (13 yrs. old) and Sr. with 28 and 24 lb. stripers they caught on May 1.


Melissa Armiger and Jerry Campbell with a huge 7 1/2 lb. largemouth bass.  The trophy measured 22" long with a 17" girth.  They caught the fish in a pond in Southern Maryland.

Tom Sullivan, Nick Yount (12 yrs. old), David Yount, and Roberto Reyes with 42", 38", and 34" long stripers from April 25.

Gary Williams and Nicole Williams with 30 and 35 lb. stripers from April 25.

Jim Parrott with a 38" striper that measured 38" long.

Sean O'Donnell, Carl Lewis Jr. and Brian George with 20, 16, and 14 lb. stripers they caught on April 25.

Tony Brown Jr. and Sr. with 14 and 18 lb. stipers they caught April 25.

Chris Olsen and Captain Rod Thomas with a 37" striper that weighed 23.5 lb.

Kevin Stancliff with a 46" rockfish and Shawn Mussante with 38" rockfish, and Captain Les Mussante.

Tony Brown Jr. and Sr. were back home by 8am with their fine catch of stripers to 36" on April 24.

Dave Yount with a 38" rockfish caught on a Tyler's daisy chain.

Charles and Jeanne Kretzing with a fine catch of stripers to 44", caught on a white umbrella rig April 23.

Kenny Dyson and Colvin Johnson with a 23 lb. 36" long striper, caught on a white parachute.

Dave Yount and Tom Sullivan with 37 and 34" rockfish they caught on chartreuse tandem rigs.

Captain Dave Lehan (far right) of the charterboat Miss Brazil along with Dave Sellers and Mike Hardesty and a 53 lb. incredible striper caught by Mike Wirth (not shown, yet...) on April 19.

Joe Byrd of Chesapeake Beach with a 20 lb. 38" striper he caught on a green umbrella rig.

Paul O'Conner and Jeff Drury with 27 and 14 lb. stripers they caught near the C&R on April 18.

Eddie Sewell and son Tommy with a pair of 18 lb. stripers they caught on April 18.

Bob Watson with a 35.5 lb. huge rockfish he caught on a white shad/spinner combination.

Brian Nixon of Frederick (MD) with a 19.5 lb. striper he caught while fishing on the Proud Mary.

Earl Berkley and son Wayne with 36 and 26 lb. trophy stripers caught April 17, 2004.

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