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Adam Trabud, 11 years old, with a 14 lb. 35 1/2 inch striper.
Chris and Nick Brennan, 7 years old from Rose Haven, with a 33 1/2 lb. 44 1/2 inch monster striper caught May 22.
Jack Stubbs, 7 years old, of Gaithersburg with an 11 lb. striper.
Sean Kennealy with a 36 lb. 47" monster rockfish he caught May 15 on a 9 inch Storm bait behind a chartreuse umbrella.  
Van Fochios, Tommy Manzari, and Phil Gerber with 24, 23, and 15 lb. stripers they caught May 10, 2005.
Susan and Mark Kelley, along with Calvin Johnson, with three big stripers of 26, 15 and 18 lb.
Jim Hooks with a 42 lb. 47" huge striper he caught aboard the "Bucket Head", along with Captain Mike Flynn.
James Brenner with a 35 lb. 43" monster striper.
Ted Bactrod and son Ted III with 40" and 38 1/2" trophy stripers they caught May 8.
Eddie Sewell, Mike Chapelaine, Bill Woodridge, and Stacy Felch with some fine rockfish they caught aboard "Eddie's Toy".
Calvin Johnson with a 36" 15 lb. striper he caught May 4.
Richard Cassidy and Arthur Thompson with 41 1/2" (21.5 lb.) and 36 1/2" (15.5 lb.) stripers caught May 4.
Phil Klun and brother Jerry with a 40" 31.5 lb. trophy striper.
Sam Young and Jeremy Eells with 44" (33 lb.) and 37 1/2" (20 lb.) rockfish.
Ken Saxon and Captain Dobbins with a 35" striper they caught on April 28.
J. Robert Lurz with a 49" 39 1/2 lb. monster rockfish with a girth of 35"!  What a trophy.
Robin Rogers with a 26 lb. 43" trophy striper.
Chuck and Jeanne Kretzing with 15 and 30 lb. stripers they caught April 26.
Joe and Alan Tull with 33 1/2" and 34" long stripers they caught while fishing aboard the Uncle Roy.
Todd Lumpkin (28"), Marita DeShazo (35"), Ray Meadows (33 1/2"), Richard DeShazo (34 1/2"), Alan DeShazo (38"), and Samantha Smith (38") stripers.
Bill Sands with a 24 lb. striper, Gary Haselbeck with a 15 lb., and Steve Sass with a 16 lb. striper they caught April 22.

Lindsay Walton, Mitch Walton, Cris Huxall, and Bill Walton with Lindsay's 35 1/2 inch striper.  Way to go Lindsay!

Buddy Cook, Dave Whitten, and Ron Myers with 42 inch and 36 inch trophy rockfish.
Darrell Marshall with a huge 46 inch 32 lb. monster rockfish he caught on April 17.

Don Martin, Lee Johnston, Debbie Martin, and Johnny Freudigga with 36 inch and 40 inch stripers.

Vincent Cassidy caught this rockfish on
Sunday April 17, 2005 just North of the Power Plant.  The fish was 38" long,
weighed 23 1/2 lbs, and had a girth of 24".  He was fishing with his father Richard Cassidy.

Trent and Pat Godhard with a 40 lb. trophy rockfish they caught on a white 9 oz. ruby lip parachute.

Steve and Don Sass with stripers to over 41 inches.
Tom Lane of Germantown and David Yount of Frederick with a 28 lb. 39 inch striper.
Noah Plauger of Glen Burnie with a 45 inch 42 lb. monster rockfish.
Andy Boukin of Gaithersburg with an 18 lb. trophy rockfish he caught April 17.
From left to right, that's Mark, Justin, and Susan Kelley with stripers of 25 lb., 12 lb., and 15 lb.
Keith Kruk and Phil Martnek with some big stripers to 26 lb. which they caught aboard the Fantasy on April 16, 2005.
Joe Burleson, Tom Ponds, and Gary Parsons with trophy rockfish to 39 inches and 20 lb.

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