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Stephen Nugent with a beautiful rockfish and one of his daughters.
Stephen with the rest of his family.
Zsolt Kiraly with  a 72 lb. black drum.
Captain Attila Tardi, Tibor Farkas and Zsolt Kiraly with black drum of 57 and 52 lb.
Tom Hoy, Grant Colimer, and Tim Colimer with 70 lb. and 58 lb. black drum.
Jake Straub, 12 years old, with Captain Lee Poore of the Dock Oar with a 72 lb. huge black drum.
Saleem Rice, Andy Motties, and Paris Hollaway with a nice catch of stripers.
William Rothe Jr., Roland Lloyd, and 6 year old Hunter Huxoll with a 42" 28 lb. striper.
Garrett Elligson, with dad John and grandfather Mike, and a 27 lb. rockfish.
Ken Collison with an 18 lb. rockfish...
Captain Richard Cassidy, Arthur Thompson, and Gregory Hudgins with stripers from 26 - 33 lb. they caught on April 29.
Aboard the "Fishin Mission", Cory McLendon (45" 30 lb.), Johnny Prather (42" 26 lb.), Mike Pendleton (42.5" 24 lb.), Bruce Ewell (41" 25 lb.), Blaine Beyer (40" 19 lb.), and Keven Lucia (36" 15 lb.) stripers.
Raymond Carter with a 49.25" 38 lb. huge striper.
Theresa Roberts of Passadena (MD) with a 29 lb. rockfish.
Tim Harless and Tim Jr. with 43" 27 lb. and 41.5" 25 lb. stripers.
Captain Bill Sands, Steve Sass and Don Sass with 18 lb., 28 lb., and 23 lb. stripers.
Justin Vonbussenius with twin sister Stephanie and a monster 50" 48 lb. rockfish.  What a whopper!
Steve Quigley with a 43" 29 lb. striper, and Herb Cottrell with a 34" 15 lb. striper.
Bill Helman (42" 31 lb.), Jerry Hammons (40" 23 lb.), Roger Wittrock (37.5" 22 lb.), and Captain Dave Weaver aboard the Dreamweaver.
Larry Johnson with a 21.5 lb. rockfish.
Trent Godard with a 43" 28.5 lb. big rockfish.
Zack Stryjewski, 11 years old of Abingdon (MD),  with a 40" 26.5 lb. rockfish, and Joe Stryjewski with a 36.5" 20.5 lb. rockfish.
Irvin Drummond of Ellicott City (MD) with a 44.5" 33.5 lb. monster rockfish.
Josh Band, 15 years old from York PA with a 40" 25.5 lb. striper.

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