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Larry Miller and Brian Bohn, both from Pennsylvania, with some big rockfish to 45 inches (42.5 lb) they caught December 29.
Tony and Junior Brown with a 39 inch 19.5 lb. big rockfish they caught Thanksgiving weekend.
Hunter Huxoll, 8 years young from Dunkirk, with a monster 40 inch 32 lb. rockfish he caught mid-November.
Ryan Jenkins and Vincent Price with a huge 48 lb. 49.5 inch striper they caught November 9.  This trophy was caught on a custom Tyler's spreader bar rig.  
George Ralli of Deanwood (MD) with a 34 lb. 43 inch big striper and Paul O'Brien of Frederick (MD) with a 45.5 lb. 45 inch monster rock.  Both fish were caught November 8.  
Names withheld to protect the guilty...
Timmy Mitchell, Shane Matthews, and Taylor Mitchell with some of their fine catch of blues and Spanish mackerel.
Lonnie Hill, Robby Bowles, Travis Hill and Kody Hill with huge catfish to 33 lb.
Ellis Taylor, Miguel Isaac, and Wes Lynn with some monster croaker they caught recently.
Captain Shawn Gibson of Wound Tight Charters with a 58 1/2 lb. big black drum he caught during early June.
Michael Matthews with a 31.5 lb. 46 inch trophy rockfish he caught May 06.
Rick Inman with a 25 lb. 41.5 inch trophy, and Andrew Tibbs with a 39 lb. 49 inch monster rock caught May 03.
Chucky Gott Smith with grandson Malachi with a monster rockfish they caught May 03.
Tommy Cranston with a 19.5 lb. rockfish.
Justin and Bob Hinckley with a 36 lb. 45 inch trophy rockfish they caught May 27.
Toni Rilon and Moe Alfakir with their 19 and 20 lb. stripers.
Bruce Ewell with a 24.5 lb. 40 inch striper he caught April 26.
Brighton Plauger (10 years old) with a 17.5 lb. 36.5 inch trophy along with Noah Plauger with his 37.5 inch striper caught on April 24.
Keith Keel Jr. (9 years old) with a 21 lb. 40.5 inch trophy striper, along with Phillip Keel (8 years old) with a 13 lb. 34 inch striper; and dad Keith with a 30 lb. 43 inch trophy.
Gary Matthews (left) with a 40 inch, 19 lb. rockfish, and Michael Matthews with a 42 inch 23 lb. rockfish they caught April 24 on a Tyler's umbrella rig and a tandem rig near Parker's Creek in 62 ft. of water.
Richard Ledbetter Jr. with a fine 19 lb. rockfish caught April 24.
Matt Dill with a 46.5 inch, 38.5 lb. monster rockfish he caught on April 23.
Phil Goertz (45 inches, 36 lb.) and Joe Stryjewski (39 inch, 22 lb) with some fine rockfish they caught April 23.
Andrew Allen with a 45 inch, 34 lb. big rockfish caught April 23.
Bruce Marshall Jr. and Sr. of Bel Aire with 40 inch and 41 inch rockfish they caught April 23.
Bruce Ewell (left) with a 40.5 inch rockfish, and Philip Hebrank with a 40 inch rockfish.
Dorothy and Dennis Chadwick from Glen Burnie (MD) with a 38 inch, 17 lb. rockfish.
Andrew Lashley, Paul Coles, and Sterling Coles with their trophy rockfish caught Opening Day.

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