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From left to right, Earl King, Mate Georgie Klein, Cathy King, Stewart King, Captain Wayne Morgan, and Captain Dave Weaver with a great catch of big stripers on the final day of the 2009 rockfish season.  We all can't wait until April 17, 2010 when the trophy season will reopen...
Tom and Amy Kraft  with a huge 43 inch 25 lb. rockfish they caught December 12.
Joe Olenik with a 22 lb. 38 inch striper he caught November 30.
Mike Double and son Tim with a beautiful 38 inch striper they caught on the "Great White" November 29.
Tibor Farkas caught a huge 47 inch trophy rockfish November 21 -- what a whopper!
Candie Dalton with a huge 47 inch 35 lb. trophy rockfish.
Ernest Hyatt and Jim Tolley aboard the Sandra Lunn with a big black drum they caught June 6.
Barry Allison with a huge 70 lb. black drum he caught June 1.
Phillip Brown, Elaine Brown, John Hammett, and Li Lin with 49.5 and 65 lb. black drum they caught at the Stone Rock on May 23.
Bruce Ewell and Phil Habrenk with 35" and 39" long rockfish they caught May 14.
Jeremy Daniels with a 44" long rockfish he caught May 12 while trolling.
Ed Bailor on left and Bob Ciafrei on the right with a nice fat trophy rockfish.
Carlos Quenonez, Don Mortin, Ricardo Aleman, Olbin Quenonez and Edis Quenonez with a great catch of big rockfish to 41.5 inches.
Toni and Steve Quigley with 26and 28 lb. rockfish they caught April 30.
Jim Burans with a 45 inch rockfish he caught April 30.
Gary Haselbeck with a 32 lb. rockfish.
Garrett and John Elliason with a 40 1/2 inch 25 lb. striper they caught April 26.
Edwin Mendez...
Sergio Urbina...
Sergio Urbina and Edwin Mendez with a 41 inch 24 lb. striper they caught April 26.
Eleven year old Nicholas Harshman with a 37 inch 18 lb. striper he caught April 25.
Jim Burans with an 18 pounder he caught April 25.
Sergio Urbina and Edwin Mendez with a monster 45 1/2 inch 32 1/2 pound behemoth rockfish they caught April 25.
George Barnes of Baltimore caught this 25 pound striper while trolling opening day 2009 (April 18).
Jim Burans with a nice 30 lb. rockfish he caught opening day.
Steve Nichols and Jim Givvord with 33 lb. and 14 lb. rockfish from opening morning.
Jacob Martin, Don Martin, and Paul Proliaska with stripers of 16, 12, and 25 lb. they caught opening morning.
Karen Posey with a whopping rainbow trout that checked in at 5.5 lbs. and 21 3/4 inches in length!
Hmmm, looks like dinner to me!

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