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Left to right, here's "Papa Huff", Captain Jim Wilson from Dunkirk, Tyler Huff (grandson), Steve Huff (son), and Georgie Klein, owner of Tyler's Tackle Shop.
Patrick Mason reeled in this rockfish on December 2nd. Weight was 36 lbs. It was 46" long and had a girth of 25".
Scott (Dad), Alexa and Zack Risseeuw reeled in this nice Rockfish on November 26, 2011. It was 42" long, weighed 28 lbs and had a girth of 23.5".
The monster rockfish (left) was caught on November 12,2011. It measured 51.5 inches long and weighed 42.7 pounds. It was caught on The Cajunís Daughter II with captain Joy Akehurst and team Brick Doctor was the crew. It was caught on a Tylerís Tackle bait.
Future Tackle Shop Entrepreneur Nick Price


Fun day fishing on the Chesapeake Bay! Persons in photo are: Capt George Klein of Tyler's Tackle, Lee Ramey, Eric Ramey, Johnny Smith, Lucretia Smith, Lydell Tyler, Adrienne Grier, Shawn Grier, Xavier Harris, Carlo Hurley, Demetrius Henson and Sean Sutton.

Capt George and his crew would like to thank Capt. Russ Mogel aboard the Mary Lou Too for his assistance in helping us find the Rockfish.
That's Daniel and Andrew Mongeon of Beltsville, MD holding up Andrew's Black Drum (we estimate around 60#) just before it was released. It was about 7 am and very quiet on the water except for the boys' cheering and the drumming of that magnificient, homely fish.

(Courtesy Roch Mongeon, Tyler's regular)
Melissa's first catch with her new "birthday present" fishing rod...
Cathy King, Stuart King, Phillip King, William Windsor, Chris Windsor, Nathan Windsor, and Captain Georgie Klein of Tyler's Tackle with a great catch of rockfish up to 38 lb. and 47 inches!  Even a blind squirrel find a few nuts once in a while...
Keith Keel Sr., Phillp Keel and Keith Jr. with a 22 lb. 38 inch rockfish they caught May 8...


Steven Landreth, Randy Landreth, Jeff Johnson and Patricia Claridge with rockfish up to 42 inches they caught near Parker's Creek in 38-40 ft. of water.
Jeremy Reinhardt with a 20 lb. 38 inch rockfish and Paul Reinhardt with a 30 lb. 43 inch rockfish.
John Glover with a 38lb. rockfish...
Lisa Glover, Glenn Glover, Joe Tarise, George Yates, Charles McRae, and Thomas Edwards and Andre Edwards with the biggest rockfish ...
Andre Edwards with a 43 1/2" 28.5lb. big rockfish...
Hunter Huxoll (11 years old) with a 32lb. 42 1/2" trophy rockfish and Chris Huxoll with a 28lb. 43" trophy they caught May 02.
Tony Brown Sr. with a 46" 34 lb. big rockfish.
48" long 27" girth, caught in 45 ft water directly east of Chesapeake Beach on April 27 with umbrella rig.  Angler Gary Holt , 1st Striper ever caught!  Net Man, Tim McGrath.  Captain of Persistence, 38ft Luhrs Sportfish, John Pinkman.  Tackle and advice from Tylers!!
Here's Christopher (9 years young) and dad Christopher Cravath with Donald Richitt and a great 43.5" 29.5lb. trophy rockfish they caught aboard the private boat "Hunter" on April 25.
Here's Anthony and Zachary Towney with a super 42" 28.5lb. monster rockfish they caught April 24.
Here's Noah and Brighton Plauger with a beautiful 39" 19.5lb. trophy rockfish they caught April 18.
Here's Noelle Paolicelli with a beautiful 36" 17lb. Striper she caught Opening Day.

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