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Sad day aboard the Bay Hog on Wednesday, December 4th with Nathan, Chris, Cathy, William, Stewart and Captain George --           NO FISH!
This 39 pound rockfish was caught on November 24th and put us in 2nd place in the MSSA Fall Rockfish Tournament 2013!  Pictured are: Cathy, Dan, Captain George of Tyler's Tackle Shop, and Phillip.

A crew from Dean's Lawn Service had a fine catch of Rockfish May 22nd.

Russell Raley caught this nice 34 inch rockfish on May 18th.

Nice catch on Saturday, May 18th with Phillip King and company!

George L. Butler, Jr. caught this 15 inch white perch, weighing 1.71 lbs on May 19th off of the North Beach Pier!

Rockfish caught by Dan Goetz on May 16 - 34" long


Captain Georgie of Tyler's Tackle with his family crew...

Front row: Chris Windsor, Cathy King, Ann Klein, Stewart King

Back row: Nathan Windsor, George Klein, William Windsor

Blue Headed Chugger, a Tyler's Tackle special

Stewart King

Chris and Nathan Windsor

Nathan Windsor

William Windsor

Family Day on the Bay. These fish were caught on May 8th straight out from Chesapeake Beach (western edge) in 48-60' of water.  Chris Windsor caught this nice rock using Tyler's Blue Headed Chugger

Dan and Gary Goetz caught this nice 37 inch Rockfish on 5/10/13. Thanks to Captain George for all the tips, they seem to be working!

Caught May 3 by John Neuens, Chris Sui and Victoria Beard. Measuring from 40 to 41 inches in length.

This Rockfish was caught by Dan on May 3rd - 35" long.

Brian Zlotorzynsky caught this nice Rockfish weighing 32 lb and 44 in long on May 3.

Patrick Withee is a 10 year old from Springfield, VA. He caught this 36" - 13.5 lb Rockfish a few days ago during the trophy season.

Left to right - Tom Gnau / Brian McNutt / Chuck Grebe / Elmer Hack / Steve Schmidt

Fish - 40" / 27 lbs

Caught by Chuck straight out from Chesapeake Beach in the main shipping chann

Christian just turned 8 years old on Friday and on Saturday April 27, He caught his first 43" striper with 24" girth using a tandem white parachute rig near the False Channel on his father's boat.

First rockfish checked into Tyler's this season - April 20th. Dave Petrich, Gene Shanholtz, Tom Gnau, Chris Gnau, Vince Biondino and Mike Biondino enjoyed their day on the Bay!

This young man is Mavricio Smith. He is 14 years old and lives in Prince Frederick, MD. He caught this 21" white catfish in the Potomac River in St. Mary's County.

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