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Left to right: Jim, Jeff, Dave, Kevin, Jack, Brendon and Bill had a great day on the bay - November 1, 2017.
That's Georgie's better half Ann who obviously caught this great double header on an umbrella rig.
Left to right: October 22nd - Cristi, Jennifer, Gary & Cathy had a fun day on the bay!
On Sunday, October 8th - Tim shared a fun day on the bay with his daughter Laila and son Elias. Pictured left to right: Elias, Laila, Tim (their Dad) and Captain George.
Charles Kornsey caught this 46 lb 47" aboard the Helen R
Ronald Hooper with a 38.5 lbs 46" and a 26 lb 41" rock
Kudos and thanks to the folks at Tyler's Tackle Shop and the crew of "Islander" captained by Chris Marseglia. This was the result, a 44 pound 48 inch long Rockfish caught on April 28.  Tim and Nancy Nash
Rimas Lioggs caught this 39", 21 lb rockfish on April 23rd!
Will McCallum and Rodolfo Cueto caught these nice fish on April 21st.

40.5" -27.5 lbs
40" 24 lb.
36: 21 lbs
  These young men had a great time! Drew Schneider's fish 21 lbs - 38"
Danny Schneider's fish 34 lbs - 45"
  Left to right: Matt Beavers, Kenny Sullivan, Pop Pat Beavers, Sr., Matt Beavers, Jr. and Ryan Beavers.
Matt Beavers fish 45" 32 lbs
Ryan Beavers fish 40" 25 lbs.

Stacey Chalmers and Marie Copeland caught this 29 lb 42" fish


Nice one for Joe Melo!

  4 year old Dominic Pachilis got this 42" 33 lb. while fishing on his Grandfather's boat Dog-N-It.

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